Playlist Dark Wave 28.7.2010

1. The Comsat Angels - Be Brave (Sleep No More, Polydor; 1981)2. The House Of Usher - To the Glorious Dead (Sampler-Darkness Before Dawn Vol.2, Upscene; 2010)3. Madre Del Vizio - Magico (Un Mondo Dove..., Musique Indépendante Noire; 2008)4. Code 64 - Higher Ground [Seeds Of Utopia II] (Trialogue, Progress Productions; 2010)5. Angelspit - Idiot (Sampler-Destruction Time Again,; 2010) 6. Golden Apes - And Thus He Spoke (Denying The Towers Our Words Are Falling From..., Echozone; 2010)7. The Mescaline Babies - Self-Pretending Whore (Unlistenable EP, The Mescaline Babies; 2010)8. Babylonia - Myself Into Myself (Motel La Solitude, Halidon; 2010) 9. Raggedy Angry - Don't Mess With The S.S. (How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords, Danse Macabre; 2010)10. Grinderman - Heathen Child (Heathen Child CDs, Mute rec.; 2010)11. The Cult - Revolution (Love, Beggars Banquet; 1985)12. Zola Jesus - Sea Talk (Stridulum II, Sacred Bones rec.; 2010)13. Grossstadtgeflster - Weil Das Morgen Noch So Ist (Alles Muss Man Selber Machen, BMG Rights Management; 2010)14. Carcrash International - The Whip (The Title Track From "The Whip" 12", Crammed Discs; 1983)15. Green Monster - Graveyard Baby (Funny Tales About Green Monster, Green Monster; 2010)16. Killing Joke - Kali Yuga (In Excelsis EP, Spinefarm rec.; 2010)17. The Beauty Of Gemina - Sacrificed To The Gods (At The End Of The Sea, Danse Macabre; 2010)18. Otto Dix - Ego (Gorod, Gravitator rec.; 2007)19. And One - The Sound Of Believer (Bodypop, Out Of Line; 2006)20. The Cassandra Complex - Moscow Idaho (Moscow Idaho EP, LD rec.; 1985)21. Alvaréz Peréz - Blíženci (Unmasked, Alvaréz Peréz; 2008)22. Clan Of Xymox - Emily (In Love We Trust, Trisol; 2009)

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