Miami Mais: My listening diet is pretty messy

Miami Mais (actually hailing from Italy) ranks amongst Turban favourite findings of 2014. First get to known through his track 200 Times featured on Ryan Hemsworth‘s Secret Songs series, his debut EP Popcorn Diet for Activia Benz consists of some of the most catchy and club-worthy tunes from the whole label catalogue – and this year alone in general.

And that’s not all! With his exclusive mix for Radio Wave, Turban guess this Miami Mais beat diet won’t be over any time soon. Taste it yourself – and enjoy the interview while digesting it as well!

Hi there Miami Mais! What are you up to at the moment?
Hi there! I'm just doing a remix for one of my favourite Italian artists. I'm also working on some ideas for my next EP.

Could you give us a brief insight into your music career? How long are you actually making music and when was Miami Mais born?
I started playing guitar when I was a kid. I was very bad at classical music so punk was a good alibi to start making music and say shit on a mic. Then I started using DAWs and synthesizers, falling down into a new music world and never coming back. Miami Mais was born in 2012 - I was just about making crazy beat-dance music.

I found out that you were playing in a band called Playmobil from Chernobyl. Guess this kind of a „tongue-in-cheek“ humour still didn’t let you…
Yeah, it's been a pleasure for me be part of this band, we did a lot of gigs with a lot of artists and are still real friends today. And yeah, you're right, I can't live without Monty Python and Totò.

How did you get in touch with Ryan Hemsworth for his Secret Songs project?
Jake from Activia Benz sent him some of my music before my first release. I have to say Ryan has been incredibly kind - and it's really great he gives musicians this kind of opportunity.

Your first EP on Activia Benz is called Popcorn Diet. I wonder, from what kind of music consists your own „listening diet“ mostly?
My listening diet is pretty much messy just like my food diet. I can say it’s 50% new club stuff and 50% total random (it can be new-wave, pop or whatever).

What is your favourite italian pop music (guilty pleasures are really welcomed there!)?
My favourite italian pop artists are Lucio Battisti, Franco Battiato, obviously a lot of Italo Disco (should I request a song, I guess I would choose either one from Dirty Talk record from Klein & MBO or Take a Chance from Mr Flagio or Hypnotic Tango from My mine) and I still love punk/wave artists like CCCP, Kina, Faust'o.

Čtěte také

What are your nearest future plans? Any upcoming releases/collaborations we should know about?
About my future plans: I'll be collaborating on a track with LSWR, a very cool producer. I'm also looking for singers to collaborate (proposals are welcome there) and I'm trying to realize an idea that has something to do with both music and science but now I can't tell you more.

Could you please introduce your exclusive mix for Turban? Is there any concept behind it and what should the listeners look forward to?
I started this mix with the theme from Kidd Video (a nice animated series that was like the opposite of Interstella 5555), then there are some cool artists from all over the world but I'm really proud to have found this rare remix from Togo Cutugno of Gianni Togni's "Giulia" which I think it's one of the most famous Italian songs in Czech Republic.

Miami Mais - Keep One Thing (Activia Benz, 2014)
Miami Mais - 200 Times (Secret Songs, 2014)
Miami Mais - Summer Anthem (Mincenzo Vollica, 2013)
Miami Mais - Vanexa (Activia Benz, 2014)
Miami Mais - Keep One Thing (Lil Mystic remix) (Activia Benz, 2014)
Miami Mais - A Brosteppah Suicide (Turban, 2014)
Miami Mais - Saratogah (Rockit,2014)