Lil Mystic: I wanted to do something more fun

Lil Mystic hails from Italy, but his musical avatar truly dwells in Japan. His music specializes in all things kawaii – be it his original tracks, trance edits or playfull remixes. Lil Mystic‘s cute-ing edge pop recently caught ear of Activia Benz or Ryan Hemsworth – and (last but not least) Turban, for whom Lil Mystic delivered his first ever radio questmix and interview! Check both below! Pizza Kawaii!

This is your first interview, isn’t it?
Yep, this is my first interview and first mix for a radio show as well. Really excited for this!

When has Lil Mystic emerged on the music map and what leads to its inception?
Lil Mystic started exactly one year ago like a joke, I wanted to do something more fun compared to my main project called Mstk.

Your Soundcloud says „URL Japan, IRL Italy“. Where do you feel at home the most then?
I deeply love Japanese culture and people, with all their kindness and strong sensitivity in pop music. Going to Japan is one of my biggest dreams – and it would be wonderful to bring my music there as well!

Japan anime/manga seems to be a vital part of your musical being/inspiration. What draws you to this kind of „kawaii“ aesthetics?
I was watching anime and reading manga for years, I guess I’m something like an „ex-otaku“ („otaku“ is the person who loves manga/anime). A year ago I was listening to some tracks from anime films on YouTube and I came across this „Tear-Mimu“ song – I immediately thought: „F*ck, this arrangement really sounds like Cashmere Cat!“ So I tried to do a quick remix of that song, which I uploaded then on my new Soundcloud account Lil Mystic. I wasn’t expecting that it could be successful, but hey, it has over 16000 plays now! So I continued with doing these edits in this special „Lil Mystic“ style. What I like about „kawaii“ is the crazyness and unpredictability of the music – and that it’s also very fast and extremely pop. It’s like being a child in a room full of things – and being able to smash all those things, which is mad fun.

You made some cool „trance“ remixes of the likes of Cashmere Cat and Liz – recently you delivered a wicked edit of Hannah Diamond single Every Night. I guess that the PC Music sound and approach really fits your own, doesn’t it?
Definitely! PC Music is the most beautiful thing that happened to alternative pop music scene in 2K14. Their style and approach is unique and has many things in common with kawaii aesthetics (pop-trance arrangements/crazy vocals/cute things). I love all PC Music artists – in particular Tielsie and that Pallette track. It’s unsurpassed, my favourite track of last year. Amazingly epic, every f*cking time I listen to it.


Recently you have contributed to the Activia Benz Singles Club with the track previously heard in Miami Mais guestmix for Turban. What are your nearest future plans? Any upcoming tracks/remixes/records/collaborations?
Now I need a lil Lil Mystic break to concentrate back on my old project Mstk. Anyway, it doesn’t mean I will stop with all the things kawaii – I promised tracks to some lovely guys like Ryan Hemsworth and Maltine Records and I will definitely keep the promise. And definitely some new crazy kawaii club edit in the near future!

Who would be your dream collaborator in todays music?
Tielsie or Maxo? Love that guys!