Playlist Gotická Scéna 29. 10. 2015

1. Stimmen der Stille - Morgenstern (Morgenstern, Sneaky Pete rec.; 1988)2. Chemical Sweet Kid - Once Again (The Speed Of Time, Danse Macabre; 2015)3. Vigilante - Into The War (Turning Point, Cleopatra rec.; 2015)4. La Procesion de lo Infinito - Naturaleza Muerta (Promo 2015, La Procesion de lo Infinito; 2015)5. Dirty Clean - Košile (Zvony, Dirty Clean; 2015)6. Nash the Slash - Swing Shift (Dreams And Nightmares, Cut-Throat/Artoffact rec.; 1979/2015)7. Roboticon - Robots Don't Cry (Robotic Dance Music, Roboticon; 2015)8. Bodykomplex - Kumipuku (Karma, EK Product; 2015) 9. Opium Dream Estate - Heart And Soul (Sampler-Touching From A Distance [A Tribute To Joy Division]), Seventh Crow rec.; 2015)10. Distopian Society - The City's Breath (Overturned Reality, Distopian Society; 2015)11. Kasper Hate - Depths Of My Despair (Raw Patchouli, ScentAir rec.; 2015)12. Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough (Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound, Metropolis rec.; 2015)13. PAAR - Pure (Pure/She Brings The Rain CDs, PAAR; 2015)-------Interview with Justin Lockey (Editors)14. Editors - Life Is A Fear (In Dream, Play It Again Sam; 2015)15. Editors - Marching Orders (In Dream, Play It Again Sam; 2015)-------16. Still Patient? - We Come In Peace (Shape Shifters, Dark Dimensions; 2015)17. Tony Tarantula & His Bastards - Psychobilly Against Hippies (Psychobilly Against Hippies CDs, Tony Tarantula & His Bastards; 2013)18. The Rocket Dogz - Back In Traumaville (Back In Traumaville, Tchichimania rec.; 2013)19. The Last Days Of Jesus - Revolution Of Sick Brains (Dead Machines' Revolution!, Strobelight rec.; 2007)20. Der Himmel Uber Berlin - The Chosen Ones (Emesys EP, Der Himmel Uber Berlin; 2015)21. Christian Death - Forgiven (The Root Of All Evilution, Knife Fight Media; 2015)

autor: Pavel Zelinka
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